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Constantly looking at future trends, following our passion for innovation and breaking the rules, Saintly Hard Seltzer launches in Australia in August 2020 & worldwide soon after. Saintly is an alcoholic sparkling water infused with natural flavours and ingredients.

Zero Sugar.
Zero Carbs.
62 Calories.
God It’s Good.

While Hard Seltzers have been making waves in America, it’s a new category in Australia and we saw the potential for a modern brand, with an instantly unforgettable personality.

Saintly Hard Seltzer

Developed for a culture of health-conscious Australians, fueling their desire to look good and feel good, without compromising their wild-side.
Saintly is bold, brave, inclusive, entertaining and irreverent.
Shaking things up in the industry, with its refreshingly simple approach to drinking.

Saintly is more than a drink, it’s a way of life.



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