Richard Kerrigan is a qualified chef, nutritionist and highly respected fitness leader.

After attending one of the most prestigious hospitality colleges in the UK, Richard then worked as a butler to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, before he became a chef at the British Embassy in Paris.

Several years and many late shifts later, Richard decided to pursue a career that combined both his love and knowledge of food, along with his passion for sport, which he competed in at a high level.

Richard got into the fitness industry and very quickly gained top qualifications in both fitness and nutrition.

In the cluttered health and wellbeing space, Richard offers a no nonsense point of difference, through an end to end fitness plan with a huge focus on simple but delicious calorie counted dishes, to suit the busy lifestyles we all lead today.

Through our work with Richard, he has driven his message wide, with numerous features on food & fitness in print, digital and on TV shows across Australia.

His first book is published this September and brings his love for fitness and food together in an easy to understand manner, that’s going to flip the fitness & food industry on its head and positively impact people’s lives.

We’re pretty sure both the book and Richard Kerrigan are going to be a smash hit.


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