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Ever gone on holiday and thought something could do really well back home?! Well that’s pretty much how Gareth Whittle, Kieron and Christian Barton ended up forming Chilli Marketing back in 2004.

Post trekking Machu Picchu in Peru, Kieron and friends toasted the trip with several of the local beers; Cusqueña a beautiful tasting golden lager brewed in the heart of the old Incan Empire, Cusco.

After waking without a hangover (!) and the group calling it ‘Magic Beer’, Kieron had a thirst to find out more.

He discovered it was from pure glacial meltwater from 18,000 feet in The Andes and it was the only Latin beer, brewed to the coveted German purity laws.

He phoned Gareth and together they thought it had such a great hook, that using their Marketing & Sales brains, they could bring it to life in the UK, where a ‘World Beer’ category was burgeoning.

Credit cards were raided, savings were emptied, families threw them some money, Christian joined and they set up Chilli Marketing, to specialise in creating and building premium brands that people would love.

Working initially from a small bedroom in Kieron’s house, they paced the streets of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool hand delivering beer from a rented van and successfully building relationships with the top bartenders in each city and the national retailers.

Cusqueña was positioned as a super-premium beer brand, stocked in the very top bars nationally and became known as, the ‘bartenders beer’.

Retailers now lined up to list it and the magical brew from Peru, became one of the top players in the UK ‘World Beer’ category.

Fast forward to 2009, and Chilli saw a rather striking cider sitting on a warehouse shelf in London, which looked great and tasted amazing.

That cider was Rekorderlig Cider and little did they know, but this product and that chance meeting would transform Chilli Marketing and their 4th generation family brewery partners in Sweden.

After some branding work Chilli had commissioned by creative agency ‘Outside Line’ in London, Rekorderlig was positioned as; ‘Beautifully Swedish’.

This platform represented everything cool and contemporary about Sweden and helped take Rekorderlig from being a great product, to a distinctive cool brand, that people fell in love with.

Chilli took Rekorderlig Cider worldwide shaking up the category everywhere they went, making it a top 10 brand worldwide and in the process ramped-up their business to over US $1bn RSV per annum.

In 2014, alongside some friends, Chilli set up Farmison, a premium online butchery business with a very clear mission: to encourage the nation to; Eat Better Meat.

Supplying the very best quality, rare and heritage breed produce, from Farmers in the Yorkshire Dales, direct to people’s doors, next-day, across the UK. The business is on an incredible growth trajectory.

Chilli’s multi-award winning business operates in 5 continents and across a range of premium brands including; Rekorderlig Cider, Farmison, Saintly Hard Seltzer and Box Mixers.

Building brands that people love, is still very much at the heart of what Chilli do.


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